Grow your business deposits faster.

As a 巴尔的摩 business leader, it's important to deal with day-to-day matters. But the future will be here soon enough. A smart move is to grow your money so you can meet all your strategic goals. Collecting higher interest on MECU savings and CD accounts is a great start.
Count on exceptionally high returns on your deposits
Use Online and 手机银行 to keep tabs on accounts

cd offer convenience, flexibility and a nice payoff

你的时间表? If you need money for an upcoming project or purchase, a six-month Certificate of Deposit might be the answer. If you're simply building up assets for the long haul, a three-year or five-year CD may pay higher returns. 底线? All of our options offer a great return on your investment.
  • Minimum opening deposit of just $500
  • Variety of terms and investment option, ranging from six to 60 months
  • Flexible deposit and withdrawal* options
  • Start an 汽车-Build CD for as little as $25

业务储蓄 账户

Sometimes 巴尔的摩 area businesses just don't want to tie up their resources for any length of time. The good news is that you can still grow your money with an easy-to-access MECU 业务储蓄 Account.

  • No minimum balance requirements on most accounts
  • 享受奖金奖励
  • Easy-to-create recurring transfers of funds from checking to savings account
  • 24/7访问 电话银行, 手机银行 or 网上银行
Banking with MECU信用社 in Maryland means belonging to a local financial institution that invests in the 巴尔的摩 community and offers competitive rates on business cd and other commercial 储蓄账户.

*Penalty imposed for early withdrawal of principal which will reduce earnings.